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What antenna for my goggles when flying Inductrix FPV + ?

I am just getting into FPV and I have a question. I bought the FatShark Transformer goggles and a Inductrix FPV+.

The goggles don't come with an antenna. I can't find any specs on what type of goggle antenna to use with the Inductrix.

I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.



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Being the Inductris is so small that more then likely you will be more proximity flying I would buy antennas that you would like to use on other projects, Inductrix comes with a dipole antenna and I use right hand spiral antennas and it works fine.


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With my Inductrix I use a 5.8 ghz dipole, linear, or patch antenna that is not a circular polarized (the Inductrix antenna is dipole) - with an SMA connector (very important for your goggles!). With a circular polarized antenna (right or left doesn't matter) you'll be OK-ish as long as you stay sort of close range.

For some good background reading, check out

According to places like GetFPV
the transformer should come with a pair of dipole antennas in the box already.

Some examples of these antennas are:




This one is going to be pretty directional - i.e. if you turn your head you're going to really effect the signal.

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