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Suggestions needed for affordable fixed wing kit style setup

Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations on a complete setup for a fixed wing aircraft. I have the FatShark goggles already but I get overwhelmed by all the camera and antenna options. I'm looking for something in the maybe $25~60ish range? It doesn't need to be super HD quality or anything. Just something that I can pin to the tail of a fixed wing airplane and go fly. I think at this point I'll need a camera, attenna and battery? Anything I'm missing? Also any advice or guidance on FPV would be helpful. I'm pretty new to it as I'm sure you can tell :)

many will suggest the $25 AIO camera and TX combos most are only 25mw some are more powerful, they work well and are $25ish, but since you dropped the cash for Fatsharks I personally would look at more serious fpv gear , the AIO 25mw are only good for approx 1500 ft

this cam combo would be my suggestion 600mwTX will get serious distance, I have & use a couple of these cheap rigs and very clean image

add a cheapo $9 OSD and you will have remaining battery voltage (like a gas gauge) and it also gives you current flight time and your still within budget

upgrade the dipole antenna to a cheap but very good AOMWAY cloverleaf polarized antenna

this doesn exceed your budget very much and would be my budget
opinion cause I use them and I do have the AIO cams and expensive caddix Tarsier with a 1 watt TBS transmitter so I have compared my fpv dollars and I beleve this will suit your existing FPV gear well and still be on a bugdget
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I have gone 2 miles on a 200mW vTx & clover leaf antennas.
In my part of the world, an OSD with GPS is mandatory. Its so easy to get lost in an ocean of corn. I need an arrow to point the way home. Here is the first in a series with an economical solution.