What are the penalties for operating an fpv system above 200mW?


So how do you put your call sign into the video? My factory installed transmitter that came with my Inductrix Pro doesn't have the ability to enter one in to display it onscreen; nor does the video transmitter that was factory installed in my Conspiracy 220. Maybe I just point the camera on my drone at my call sign on my radio before each flight, and since I only get a 5 min. battery time on each one, I'm under that 10 min. rebroadcast?

Yes, pointing your camera on your drone at your call sign at the beginning and end of your flight will meet the requirements. On larger drones that have longer flight times that may be too long to meet the requirement, it is recommended that you use an OSD that will display your call sign during your flight. On one of my gliders that does not have OSD but has part of the glider in frame, I put my call sign on that part of the glider so it is readable (though at some flight angles it is not readable due to glare but I turn often enough that it is readable enough of the time to meet the requirements).