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What FT swabable should i build first?

Hello all,
So i was contemplating building the FT speedster but have decided against it as i am not sure i like the slow flight characteristics. i basically wanted to know what you guys think would be the easiest more advance swappable?


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I would do any plane from the 3 pack except for the Delta. The old speedster looks great, but its a bit tricky to get together. If you do decide to do something in the "old" range, I would go with the Fogey instead of the Speedster.


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The FT Flyer is really good. Easy to build and easy to fly.

You can't really go wrong with the Fogey. I haven't flown one yet, but my understanding is that it could use some modifications. Mainly that it could use more vertical stabilization. Possibly a flat bottom airfoil if you want to do loops, but otherwise the wings are fine as is.

If you don't mind waiting until I prove the concept, I think this will be an awesome first plane: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?8814-EDF-Old-Fogey It should be easy to fly and no broken props. You don't even have to balance the "prop" if you buy a complete EDF because they do that for you. But that variation has to be scratch built. It would be more work to modify the kit than to just build it yourself. I think the main downside I will end up seeing with my EDF Old Fogey is very short flight times. But that's what extra batteries are for.


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The Bloody Wonder is a breeze to build, and even easier to fly, when powered by the 24 gram Blue Wonder motor. I fly for around 15 minutes on a 3S 1300 and 20-23 minutes on a 3S 2200. You get full bank and yank, and can always upgrade the motor for vertical take-off and speed.
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FT flyer. It is the easiest to fly and to build. Once you get good at that then move on. This weekend I finally had to retire mine. 42 flights 14 hard/crash landings.