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What I Learned Assembling the Hobby King Corsair

Had lots of fun putting the Corsair together. Learned some things thought would pass on. What a great model. Beautiful comes to mind. This is a simple model to assemble, the wings only have four screws. Tail feathers are a simple glue in place. Lots of wires but everything is well marked. A couple of the push rod ends were defective and would not snap together. Used the included spares.

Problem one was the rudder would not return to center each time. Seems it may have been part radio and part plane issue. The tail feather push rods seemed stiff. Found them to slide hard in the sleeves. Pulled them out to find rust on the wires. Not real surprised with the trip over on container ships and all the salt air. A rub down with Scotch Brite material, a little dry graphite down the sleeves took care of the problem. Also seems it might be wise to not stop at the first adjustment of all the moving parts. Would adjust, work them with the radio and adjust again. Had to clip just a little off the Flaps push rods. Seems I made adjustments 3 or 4 times before happy with the way they looked. After cleaning and lubing the push rods, the next adjustment looked real good.

Biggest time user was getting the DX8 set up. One full featured radio, love the Vibe feature and the telemetry features. But getting it set up on such a full featured air frame was a challenge. Finally found a Corsair Spektrum file and it made set up real easy. AFTER I had to call and find out why it keep given me a 'Mac' Indention Error. Had to call Horizon Hobby for that one. Seems the first file Mac puts a "." in front of, as Mac thinks it should be a hidden file. Needed to keep scrolling down the file name list and the correct file name comes up without the ".". Then it was really easy to finish the setup.

Balanced the HUGE prop. Painted the rockets silver. Wanted some bright on the bottom of the plane for easier orientation.

Now to find some flying weather when my son-in-law and grand boys are available. May be spring but we awoke to over 4" of snow and expect more tonight. It does melt fast this time of year tho.

That huge prop really moves the air. This should be so much fun. Glad this was not my first build. Building a couple of AXN Floater Jets and scratch builds sure did set the experience level and confidence for this build.

Bottom line: had a blast putting it together.

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Look forward to seeing the maiden....have to admit as I get deeper into the hobby I am
really starting to enjoy the repair/build side to it....keep us posted

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I really had no interest in any building or repairing for a long time, but now I'm finding I enjoy building quite a lot. I just grabbed some form board and tried building a plane from my imagination. We'll see how that turns out.

Also looking forward to a video of your maiden.


Rotor Riot!
I actually started building first, and I think I enjoy it slightly more than flying. But as jetpackninja would say, I can't know for sure because I haven't flown combat yet!
Just spent some time on the RC Groups forum reading about the Corsair. Lots of complaints of weak servos and things not centering. Had the same issues until I pulled and cleaned the rust of the push rod wires. Funny, no one found the simple solution instead they replaced servos.

Wanted to find a back up prop since the 4 blade is on BO. Seems 12 X 8 is the recommend two blade. Found it in the US warehouse. Really like the US warehouse. Hope they keep adding stock.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Glad there was a simple solution. More often than not I find binding issues more than servo issues. I had a bad gear on my mxpx servo that was a quick two minute fix instead of replacing the whole thing. Just takes a little investigating.

I also like the US warehouse, I wish they had more components though, more clevises, hinges, rods etc. not just planes and batteries.
Think the mind set is: If the servo is not working, replace with bigger. Of course if it is a binding issue, the more powerful servo will overcome the binding problem. Have hit the binding problem a couple of times now, where it was not a servo issue at all.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Same here. A binding issue usually just gets compounded every crash. More powerful servos work for a while but eventually just break something.