What if I live in the middle, of the middle, of the middle, of nowhere (southern Indiana)


So I live right by Columbus Indiana and there isn't an active flying group within a two hour radius of where I live. How do you guys find other people to fly with? The only time I can be around other model aircraft pilots is at Flite Fest. I have a place to fly and plenty of resources but I can't find any other rc pilots near me. I have tried getting other people involved but I am at mid-level experience and would like to have an more experienced person to build or fly with. Does anybody else have this issue and if so how do you guys get past it?


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Yeah i was in the same situation for a while. Just start putting yourself out there like this post and eventually you will find somebody to fly with. Post in the facebook fans group, maybe post in other forums like rcgroups. Have you checked the FT groups website? http://www.ftgroups.com/


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There is one group near me but they fly balsa and gas planes and are not fans of foam-board planes
I had a similar local group but changed their outlook in a rather different way.

I chose a suitable plane and built a number of the same design, (no electronics), though each one was different in color and markings. Around October the year before last I gave them out to a number of local club members, (after I showed how my version flew and stunted). I asked them to set them and and get them ready for a Christmas party FULL CONTACT dog fighting event, The plane I chose was my own rendition of the "Das Little Parkflier Stick".

The dogfighter was fun with hardly anyone being to stay with any other plane but the fun factor was incredible! Those same planes are still flown with great joy a year and a half later. The FB planes are no longer looked down on and many other designs are not flown at the club. Heck I am even a club committee member now!

People are suspicious or fearful of things that they do not know. Its up to you but this approach worked well for me

Have fun!


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Same thing with my club - people thought that foam board planes were a joke, until I showed up with the very first plane I'd ever built, the Sea Duck.

You walk in with a sea plane that has a what, 60" wingspan, twin engines, and differential thrust, you get their attention pretty quick, especially when they see it fly. :) My club has been surprised that I'm able to do the aileron rolls and loops, as well as a somewhat successful Immelman, without the plane complaining at all. They're surprised that something that big is as powerful and as nimble as it is, AND that it's built out of materials that cost less than a tenth of their balsa kits. :)

Plus, when they crash and I rebuild them for $4-$5 (complete rebuild)? They're pretty floored. :) It'll take a little time for them to come around, but you just have to let them see what CAN be done.


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Comin up on the start of my 4th year flying in September. I have met three people who fly. An ambulance driver with a phantom 2 he uses only for video stuff for the Ambulance service (illegal now). the kid next door that brings out a Syma X5 does a few flips with his one battery. Loops around his yard and puts it away for weeks at a time. Finally I met a guy today when I was ripping Taz at the park that has a micro heli who was asking questions as I was walking by on my way home.

Other then that its cows n scrub brush or swamp under every tree. Winter time there are barren corn fields if I wanna freeze myself to get a different look in the cameras... So I stick to flying out back or at the local park when there is no one around to get in the way. Place is either packed when games are going or vacant when they are not. Once in a while someone drags their kids to the playground there. So I feel for ya.


Im going to the flying group open house I mentioned earlier tomorrow. Going to bring a nano goblin and a mighty mini corsair. Both fly great and I hope they see the appeal in it.