What is rotor riot? (Hypothetically)

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What is rotor riot and what are it’s flaws. I do know what rotor riot is. What is your favorite thing that they sell? How could they improve? Will it survive? Will more people leave the cast? Why?


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I liked the original line up best, but lately their content has been really solid again. Can’t buy from their store, as it’s the wrong side of the pond.
If they keep making good content I will keep watching it, just like Flitetest.


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I just liked the complimentary combination of styles and personalities in the original line up. Every single one of them was a groundbreaker in their own right. For me Steele has a style I wish I could fly (like a flying street skater,) Tommy has incredible judgement and precision, especially in those surgical dives, Charpu had an eye for picking amazing lines in a spot with his camera as he flies and Chad was extremely entertaining, as well as being super fast and precise as a pilot. When you look at the equipment they were flying in those early videos it’s doubly astonishing how hard they pushed it.
The new team all have their own thing going on, there’s a great breadth of skills and knowledge in there.
Every Rotor Riot pilot has amazing skills, to me, unless you can fly as good or better as someone, you really can’t criticise their flying.
I am glad the commercial part of their operation survived the recent turbulence, it would have been a shame to lose the creative part of what they bring to the hobby, regardless of wether you like their brand.


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Tommy and LeDrib are the flyers who I always enjoy watching their flying, love the longer sweeping style. Mr Steele I find so funny but his flying is just so frantic and I end up feeling tense :)
Sales not something I can comment on as I'm the wrong side of the pond to really take advantage of their store.


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I liked the original crew much better. I identified with FGA the most. Great pilot, kick back attitude looking to make the hobby better.

Charpu had that super nerd thing working and his skills were unmatched back in the day.

Tommy is the guy you hang out with. Funny, always down to try to do crazy stuff AND be the one to succeed.

Steele has that crazy improvizational ability and is top pilot in that flippy floppy style of flight. If it werent for that whole spoiled rich kid thing and wanting to choke the snot outta him at times he coulda been my favorite.

When I first saw Drew he was that twitchy flinchy guy that never "looked you in the eye". Sorta prettyboy methhead sheik. Since he moved away from that and got into the vlog flow he has become my top pilot to watch. Time will tell his growth with what RR does next.

I love the drama and all the controversey that comes with the show. That was the whole point.

Facebook was their boon and bain as far too many people still dont get that what they do is on protected sets with a lot of behind the scenes safety people involved.
These are not guys using pos banggood gear going out and doing stupid things. They are top pilots using top gear in controlled situations.

Im glad they went the way they did buisness wise. I thought an FT / getfpv partnership would have been great but its water under the bridge..

As for the new batch of pilots... I like some of what they do but the whole drunken stoner thing turns me off and in my book is a poor role model for future pilots.

That said Botgrinders skills have grown exponentially. Cricket is the new Tommy bringing mad skills and that happy go lucky Ill try anything attitude. Jeff is an amazing pilot. Super accurate, super fast. Would like to see more of him flying then working but he seems to be the company glue holding down the fort.

Will keep watching on and off but until they get that whole volume control thing in their videos normalized I pick and choose full viewing by if I can hear what they talk about with out having to hold the volume button to protect my ears because of poor sound editing.

Have the same issue with Flite Test with the whisper quite talking and over bearing anime screamy chic stuff to emphasize excitment.


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Steele has that crazy improvizational ability and is top pilot in that flippy floppy style of flight. If it werent for that whole spoiled rich kid thing and wanting to choke the snot outta him at times he coulda been my favorite.

I thought I was the only one who felt that way, especially after I ran into him at my local hobby shop (he was out talking to NewBeeDrone, which has their offices only a few blocks away). I dunno, he made my skin crawl, and I felt like I needed a shower afterwards. Now that he's got his Lotus, it feels like he's forgotten about flying.

Plus, there's his utter hatred of the AMA and club flying sites, which just makes me feel like it's a completely rebellious attitude and giant middle finger to those people that are trying to fly legally. I get it, there are people who don't think the AMA is best supporting the hobby as an entirety, but until another community based organization steps up to provide equal or better support, they're what we have representing us with the government.

One of the nicest people I've come across that has appeared on Rotor Riot vids is ZoeFPV. She's a real sweetheart, super nice, and was more than willing to talk shop when I met her a few years ago at the Bay Area Maker Faire. She even asked my wife if she was willing to learn to fly, and my wife just said, "Nope! I tried watching him fly through the headset, and it made me sick to my stomach!" LOL

I think of all of the people that were on there, at least from the older shows, it was a toss up between FInalGlideAUS (Chad Nowak) and Ummagawd, aka Tommy Trujaba as my favorites.


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I agree with @PsyBorg and @sprzout about Steele and ZoeFPV especially - opposite ends of the spectrum.

I gave up on watching RR back after their bungling of the Canada bridge event. Chad's conversation about it on the RCAfterHours podcast did make me think they were trying to move in a positive direction as an active leader in the community recently, not just looking for shock views and sensational journalism. But I still haven't watched anything they have put out, or resubscribed to KwadBox since 2017.

These days about the only quad content I keep up with are the flyers here on the forums, FInalGlideAUS , ZoeFPV, and MaiOnHigh.
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