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What is your favoite tool in your tool box?


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I am not diabetic but I like your coments and the bathroom, damn drugs!
What i really like about the drug manufacturers is the way they bury the important side-effects. In my newest drug, there's this thing called necropsy where important dangling bits of me could atrophy AND fall off. Hmmm do i really need this?

Don't try this at home, kids


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Portable glue gun. Comes in the car with me every time we fly. And also prop changer, props and butane soldering iron.
Bought a ryobi battery glue gun as a result of this forum, run extra strong long dwell time glue $$$ticks, and carry a leatherman with a 3" Crescent branded adjusting wrench. If that won't fix it, I can walk the block home to where the real tools.live.
The more that I use hot wire to do various tasks, the more I like the process. Shown below I am using a hand held hot wire bow to cut some foam ribs. I made lite ply rib templates, then a stack of rib blanks between them. Just keep the wire moving smoothly. It takes a bit more time to make the templates, but it takes more time to cut ribs one at a time. Plus, if I ever need more ribs it's easy to make them. More tips and resources for foam board RC modelers on my blog at: https://foamboardflyers.com

hotwire bow - 1.jpeg


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I was tired of coiling up excess servo extension wire and having the connectors come lose so I bought Amazon's suggested crimper and servo wire connector set. I went through a dozen crimps that didn't hold and finally gave up and soldered them first - what a pain. Finally decided to give it one more try and bought this Iwiss crimper. It made a good crimp first time, every time. It's a poor workman who blames his tools because he doesn't keep bad tools in his tool box!