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What is your REAL job?


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Okee, I'll share. Full time farmer. Took off a few years to get my degree in Radio Production/Performance and then DJ for awhile. But then came back to what I love most.
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Also take care of plenty of these
i love this job working on the farm. got any horses? i miss working with animals and working the land. getting up early smelling the true smell of the air. standing in the middle of the almond or walnut fields mist on top of the trees and looking down the middle of the field like some one just windexed your eyes the air is so clear love it . used to live in cali .


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Hello all i work for a high end lighting company called Hammerton. I have been building and designing lights for 20 years now. I have my hands in every process we do here from blowing/casting/slumping glass, cnc plasma/laser/machining, welding/fabrication, powder coating and solidworks. Before this i was an ASE certified mechanic and a plumber. Here are a couple of lights i have designed and built in the last year.


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