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What size do I scale to?

I'm trying to build a smaller ov-10 bronco. Only issue is I don't know what size to scale down to. I have a twin A power pack, and don't know what scale I need to put it to. Can anyone help me out with this?


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Hey! I am building a forty inch model out of dtfb! I will probably use a power pack B for a 40inch wingspan so make the plane like 30 inches.
if you need any scaling help start a conversation with me and I will give u scaling techniques. I would love to compare our finished products via photo. Mine will probably be done by Monday and flown later.


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You need to be careful when scaling down.
The wing loading is the key factor so its weight has to be in proportion to the reduction in the wing area. To make thing even worse the aerodynamics don't scale well either so it really needs to be even lighter.
For example.
A reduction of span from 44" to 30" or reduced to 64% size. So the wing area will be reduced be reduced by 0.64 x 0.64 = 0.4. To keep the same wing loading the plane needs to be just well under 1/2 the weight. To fly well it should be even lighter maybe just 1/3 of the weight.:eek:

So what appears to be a modest size reduction will require some serious care and attention to the construction to avoid creating a flying brick.