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What Size Scale Pilots for Dynam Planes


New member
Hi guys and gals!

I am just getting a Dynam Tiger Moth and wanted 2 pilot figures. Now is the question: what scale are Dynam planes? I assume its 1/10 but I am not sure. Nothing about this online either. Someone that knows the answer to that?


Ryan O.

Out of Foam Board!
a simple trick is to take the wingspan of the model, divide it by the wingspan of the full scale, and then turn that decimal into a fraction. You normally won't come out with an easy fraction, but if you turn the decimal into a percent, then it's easier to get a 1/x fraction. For example, if I get 0.312 I can turn that into 31.2%, then I can round that to 33 1/3% which is 1/3. for some weird numbers, like 1/7 scale some FDP charts make it super easy.


New member
Thank you very much for the answer! What unit do you use? I presume the same for both model and original? If I do that with the Dynam Tiger Moth: Model wingspan is 1270mm. Original wingspan is 8940mm. Divided this is 0,14. This means 14%. Right so far? 14% would mean the closest would be 1/10 scale. So much math .. I went into law so I don't have to deal with numbers anymore :ROFLMAO: