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What's in YOUR workshop?


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I've jealous of the open space! :D Is that an open frame style needle cutter and a hot wire foam cutter hanging out in there? I love when people build tools to use to build more stuff! (y)

The clutter level in my shop doesn't make me very happy - two hobbies ago right after I put all the tools on the cabinet doors I could get everything put away into it's place and have empty workbench tops. Fast forward 15 years worth of tool / project / material acquisition and it's obvious I really need to have a yard sale. :cry:
Laser cutter, which I need to modify a bit before it's rigid enough for the needle cutter. Under the hotwire cutter is a home made vacuum-forming box too.

I keep trying to get out of hobbies to make space for new ones, but it's a lot harder to clean out that it is to acquire. :D


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Ok, after looking are your guys shops I will post pics of mine up. I have two shops, one is a hobby room/build room/airplane, boat and car storage display area that I made out of a spare bedroom and if you guys follow my build threads you will see pics of this room.



The other is my downstairs basement I just finished building. The basement storage/shop area took me 5 months of hard labor every day after work and it started as a dirt pit under our house. It was one heck of a project and I did it all by myself, up to code, inspected and all good and I finished it last week. I do my dirty work down there that includes scroll saw, band saw, miter saw, drill press and two work benches, along with 600 sqft of storage.


And yes, you can have more than one hobby/shop area!


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There is some good inspiration here. After hiding from the world for a month or two I have come out and acquired a few projects. I will be making a new and improved work area soon with some of the spaces in this thread in mind.


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Well, since this got resurrected by what appears to be a spam bot, ill post up a pic of my "work shop".
130 year old basement, the floor joists are about 1/4" from the top of my head. I still have to get all the ham radio antennae wires pulled out. The PO was a ham radio junkie, there's 1/2" coax cables running everywhere.

I try to clean up before a project, sometimes successfully

Work Shop Mess.jpg