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What's in YOUR workshop?


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The following photos are my cave.
Started out with a table in the basement.

Now it is taking over the basement...

Planes hanging over my handyman's workbench that is unusable with all the stuff on it.
Next picture are rotating clockwise round the area.

My second build table covered in paint and the last project.

A look into the foam storage and shelves.

The main build table.
My shop is a wood shop that was were my son built custom guitar before he Moved to Cincinnati Ohio to pursue a music career.Nice thing is it is well lite plus it has a main work bench that is 4'x4'. Here is one of his 8 string guitars. If your in Cincy his duo goes by the name Redwood Union also can check him out on You tube.



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Here's the garage hanger with the bigger stuff - some ready to fly, others ready for winter restoration.


Pretty much everywhere else is just as cluttered. :)


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Thanks for sharing everyone, these will be great to show my girlfriend so she can see my workshop really isn't that bad ;)
A visual description of my shop. Imagine a 30x30 foot metal box in the woods inhabited by a slightly insane hermit with way too many hobbies. All of those hobbies tend to melt together in this box, leaving no room. Model planes collide with automotive and hunting/fishing stuff, which collides with woodworking and gunsmithing stuff, which collides with my tree cutting equipment, which collides with more model plane stuff. As for the organization, imagine that very box, picked up by a giant, turned upside down, then set back upright. Aaah, perfect.
Nerdnic's tripod mounts capture the essence of this hobby perfectly. Well done!

Hmmmm ... I need a couple tripod mounts. What do I have laying around? A few sticks, some tape, maybe some hot glue. Tadaaaa! Tripod mounts! :D


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You can definitely tell who among us watched McGyver series on TV by what we come up with to get by in what we do for our hobbies. I have McGyver'd many things to save some money and time over the years as well.


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He was a pretty good hacker alright. :)

Most amazing 'McGyver' I've seen in the field was watching a guy slide a quarter along the side an open end wrench that was too big to make it fit tight enough to pull off a battery terminal nut. He was just so casual about it, slipped it back in his pocket afterwards like he did it all the time. Didn't matter that I couldn't speak his language - he schooled me good - and got me back on the road.


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I "destroyed" my shop over the summer, and am working on rebuilding. All the shelves came down, with the intention of putting in insulation and some sort of interior wall. So, I need to finish that, and put my shelving back up, so I can clear my work spaces.

And now that it's building season for most of the USA, what have you guys been doing to get your shops up and running again?


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I've been on the dining room table for almost a year. Probably time I purged "my" office of everyone elses stuff and reclaimed my space before the wife starts throwing my stuff out from her table... ;-)



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I am currently working on a type of hovercraft like the one Pilotsam did in his video with a few modifications. I have totally destroyed my living room sitting here on a coffee table working on it all night since I could not sleep with the weather changes messing with me. I would do it in the other room where my actual work bench is but that would require a serious cleaning and rearranging of stuff and it was just to darn late when I started to go thru all that.