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What's Your Hobby

Hi Everyone,

here on off-topic post comment your hobby. Let's see how many of us have a common hobby. Building wood ship kits is my hobby.
Well, I have a very unique hobby. I like to collect hoodies, jackets, caps and fan stuff of different rappers and music artists like Mac Miller, Eminem, Enrique, Pitbull etc. I am a music lover and also want to be a great singer in the future. I also like to play instruments in my spare time.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Pretty much cars, bars ( less cars and bars now that I am broken and broke more often then not) quads and guitars.. Any thing really fast or really loud hehe... Or a combination of the two things
My hobby is collecting anything that's relevant to Iron Man. This includes posters, toys, pictures also blu-ray disks ect. I also play games like Iron Man VR, Iron Man 3 slot and Lego Marvel Avengers.
Just beware, collecting can be kind of addictive:LOL:
Other than RC, my hobbies are old cars and motorcycles, autocross, 3D printing / CNC routing, just building stuff in general and making videos about it
My other hobby is amateur astronomy. I start building telescopes at 14 years old, made a dozen or so telescopes in a few years. Was a hell of a job to get mirrors grinded and polished by hand but a major reward to be able to see incredible stuff through the eyepiece.
Get into astrophotography for 10 years or so until the night sky was so polluted I can no longer do it from home.