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Which camera to go for?

I've been looking around for ideas for what camera i could use for my FPV camera along the lines of a GoPro HD 3

but how does the boscam HD19 compare.... or am i better in spending the extra cash and getting a Gopro

if i was to get a HD19 can it be wired straight to the 3s balance port or wired from the main leads? cos my fatsharks only do 5v



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Are you talking about the Boscam HD19camera available from Hobby King? If so, I've not seen any video from it, so the quality may or may not be as the GoPro3. From the "daily" video it looks very interesting, especially the ability to remotely turn on or off video capture to an SD card, or even snap a still using a receiver channel.

If you are a risk taker, go for it and then tell the rest of us how it performs. But if you want to be cautious (and no one would blame you if you do), then opt for the GoPro3 White for around $200.

Whatever you choose, good luck.

It's a tuff choice, I like the fact the go pro as a built in battery and can be plugged straight into the transmitter, I've heard about issues with the go pro 3 have these been fixed?


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as you can see in this video, (put it on 720p and full screen) the gopro has a good amount more detail. also, the boscam has a very bad flaring around bright objects (as you can see at about the 2 minute mark). really though, they are very comparable. I am actually planning on buying the boscam. probably the gopro 3 black would blow both their pants off.
apparently, the hd19 (explorerHD) is the same camera, in a different form factor, as the horizonHD.
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