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Which FT plane for a Blue Wonder 1300kV?


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What's the specs on the motor size? Sound like you could go with any of the standard planes. What do you like to fly, warbirds, sport planes?


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The motor is 24 grams. And I'm a novice flyer looking for a forgiving plane.
At 24 grams it sounds like its a motor meant for Mini Series planes. Does it have a 4 digit number on the can or bell that tells you the size? A number like 1805 or 2207. The Mini Scout is always a good forgiving plane. Lots will tell you the Tiny Trainer is the end all and be all of trainer planes, but it can be a bear to dial in. Out of the box the Mini Scout is two thumbs up for me
I don't have the motor in front of me. But I went on line and found that it is a Hextronik model HXM2730-1300.
Not sure what the 2730 stands for, if anything.


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The four digit number relates to the size of the stator in millimeters, sometimes its the size of the bell around the stator. Which I think might be the case in your situation. Just trying to get an idea for what size of plane it would fit
A 2730 that weighs only 24grams, seems light. Did you buy this motor online? Do you have a link?
Bought it on eBay a while ago with the following specs:
Kv: 1300rpm/v
Max Load: 7.5A
No Load Current: 0.7A
Suggested Lipo: 3 cell 11.1v
Thrust: 400g+
Suggested Prop: 8x3.8
Weight: 20g.

In the ad it's listed as a "24 gram" motor, but the specs call out 20 grams.


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I just looked it up and it is an odd motor, like something you would mount to a drone using glue. Is there no mounting plates that take bolts or machine screws?


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I have 2 of them. I've only used it on one plane but it was getting a bit heavy for the motor. It says it will pull 400 grams but I do question that. I should put it on my thrust stand to see what it can do. The nice thing is it uses an 8 inch prop so it should be fairly efficient.
I would say its good for a Tiny Trainer, that's what I'm thinking I will use mine on.


The Fopster

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That was the go-to motor in the early days of FT, I think. I've flown Old Fogey, FT Flyer etc. off one of those. They work well - if it is your first plane I'd build an FT Flyer. It's a very quick easy build, sturdy, and a very easy to fly plane. I think it's the best trainer you can get, and once you're confident in the air you can move on to somwthing that looks more "like a plane"! Go watch some of the old videos and you will see that motor being used.