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which motor I would take


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Hello I am jens
The suggested motor for the Blue Dart has not been available through HobbyKing for a long time. What would you recommend as an alternative motor?" :confused:

thank you


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Yes but I have seen this movie but the motor that they recommend has not been available through HobbyKing for a long time.
What other electronics are you using?
In mine I use and love the performance of the TowerPro 2408-21t, its a little heavy but works wonders on a 3 cell lipo - hover at half throttle :D


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Ah! Now I understand.
For such foamies I used to choose this HK motor :

Plus this item, perfect for glueing it on foam:
Or use a wooden 10x10mm stick ..

Other good alternative is:

Quality of these motors are so-so .. I advise to purchase several for spare.


Good luck!
+1 on the HXT900 servos. And as you are using a 2 cell and keeping it light I would use this motor.. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=8617
It is basically the same as the usual blue wonder but more powerful and more efficient. :)
Also for that extra bit of power, you might want to chuck in a few of these 9x4.7 SF props: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=6227
They work wonders with that motor on a 2 or 3s LiPo pack!
Also you don't necessarily need the stick mount, just a rectangle of 3/4mm ply is good enough for the job.
Have fun with you Dart!
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my electronics weighs around 120 grams
and the engine that I can choose can maximum 470 grams so I count about that with my foam it will be around 300 grams



Never catch a multirotor

You have choosen a 8x4 prop with a 2cell lipo.
This will not give the 470gr thrust, I guess max 250gr.
She will fly with 250gr thrust (almost 1 to 1 ratio), but not very sporty.

With this motor :
If you go for a 2cell lipo: 9inch prop (9x4.7 / 9x6 / 9x7 max)
If you go for a 3cell lipo: 8inch prop (8x4)

My advise would be to get both 2cell and 3cell with the 9inch and 9inch props and try what you find best.
Yep 9 inch will work the best. Note when building to mount your servos near the middle of the plane closer to the nose so that you do not need extra weight up front.