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  2. NickRehm

    Full VTOL F-35 Foamy

    Hi all, Here's my most recent quarantine build while I'm back home with nothing else to do: A full VTOL capable foamy F-35 Specs: Wingspan: 36" Length: 44" Weight: ~900 grams? (haven't weighed since I painted it) Flight controller: teensy 4.0 and mpu6050, custom software Motors: lumenier...
  3. agates1967

    My story and the hunt for: Scale Foam , and DC 3 build

    Hello everyone! First of all, let me know if I should be posting this thread somewhere else, I'm new to the forum and its ways. I have been following FliteTest on YouTube for a while now. I started RC flying in about 2003-2004 with a 2 channel foam winged V-tail-ed plane, that gave me enough...
  4. N

    Mikey'sRC abandon SLow Flyer

    Hi guys. I've been working on a build that I saw in this video.. Unfortatly Mikey dosen't have the plans or the plane. I looked at both of his videos that feature the plane frame by frame and was able to get most of the measurments. Also he listed most of the components in the comment sections...
  5. T

    small question

    Hi everyone, I want to build another f-22 raptor since my other one isn't flyable anymore. I want to build the one from the rcgroup forum(http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=740049), but I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a rudder. I like to have a rudder for when I...
  6. T

    Power combos for foamies

    I am sold on the Flightest foamie kits, want to build one. This will be my first, so I'd like to keep it simple. Unfortunately, the motor/ESC combos are really really hard to find. Can't get them on Flightest, or anywhere else it seems. They are all sold out. You can buy the individual...
  7. WarbirdFan66

    Show your Warbird mods...

    Hi guys, this thread is suppose to be for the guys who like to moddify or customize their birds a little. Like putting in flaps, change the type or simply put a new trim scheme on their old planes...i hope it will be a place to exchange ideas and technical aspects of the whole...
  8. B

    Foamy QuadCopter Frame

    This idea have been bugging me for a long time now so I made one. I'll just need to buy some electronics for this. It is based on 8x4 prop and it weights 165 grams. I don't know how much weight it can carry but it's rigid. Look at this... Under: Legs: If I want to carry a camera on...
  9. SkySlayer

    Who has an idea to help?

    Hi guys i need your help, i am wanting to fly my plane at night and my idea was to attach a string of LED's at the back of my plane like a tail but the problem is my plane is a foamy and so i need to find some very light LED's, so can any of you guys help?
  10. themajik1

    The Majik1's First Scratch Build

    The Majik1 My First Scratch Build I am building a scratch build high wing plane. No plans, just cutting foam and seeing what works. I have no idea if it will fly or how well, but had some extra foamboard from work and thought I might as well try and build something. Here is what I have so...
  11. uggymoo

    giant F22 foamy

    A little toy I built to see if I could I took the original plans and went 250% vids 1 & 2 http://www.youtube.com/user/uggymoo?feature=mhee#p/u/4/3KyiWGCf8TY http://www.youtube.com/user/uggymoo?feature=mhee#p/u/2/ai6D9OjIRLY I have done some upgrades and will get the new vid up soon weather...