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Pumpkin drop event

Who is from the Dallas Fort Worth area?


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I've flown there when I go visit my HQ office in South lake. Usually head to the club near Lake Grapevine or fly at a field near the hotel in Southlake. Micros only since I have to pack them when I visit. I'll be sure to post next time I head that way.
My Grandfather just clued me into this site over the summer. I'm over in Mansfield and would like to take my kiddos to see some of you guys fly. Is there anything on the weekends? Our week is packed with the usual kids centered events.




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I'm in McKinney. Just got my AMA insurance and am flying as a guest out at Erwin Park with the High Flyers club. The club has less than 20 members and they are all flying large heli's so i'm not sure if my FT foamies are really the right fit for the club but i'm having fun for now. I would love the chance to get to fly with some other FT subscribers.
I think they are active but maybe not subscribed to the thread. I'm not certain, but from reading the posts I've flown with a couple of those guys. in the last month or so. They're active...

I'm in south west Grand Prairie. I'm sure I know the other guys that mentioned Webb community park I was flying there during the week days when I'm off work and I have nearly the whole park to myself. There are some guys from the hawk field flyers club that meet there. Lots of scratch built fomies and some manufactured stuff, occasionally they will night fly with some gliders and what not. You can find them there Monday evenings 4-5pm until the batteries run out.

If I had more time I would certainly commit to meeting up with more FT peeps so far it's been a good time every time. I work EVERY weekend and evenings are tough as pretty much. I think the DFW area could easily support a FT based group. doesn't have to be all FT planes of course but the FT sense of community is hard to find, bringing people like that together is usually a very positive experience. (ie. flitefest).

The poster hasn't logged in since 9-11, so I concede, semi-active. Removed the comment anyway as not to offend.

I'll have to check out Webb Community sometime, I'm definitely interested in flying with other planes.
I'm so glad this thread got started! I tried asking in another thread and nobody responded.

I am in IRVING! I would love to fly with some other FT people. So far, I've nearly killed a Simple Soarer and I convinced a co-worker to build an FT Old Fogey with me. Would love to meet up with some other FT fans sometime to fly and talk.

I have mostly just thrown my soarer around in parks, so if anyone knows a good place to fly, we should arrange a meet up before it gets "too cold." (I mean, let's be honest... we live in Texas. When is it too cold?)


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I may end up in Fort Worth at some point. Not permanently but my office does a lot of business in FW and it's only a matter of time before they send me there.
I'm very (very) new to RC flying. In fact, I don't have a plane or radio yet. I'd be interested in meeting up with people in the DFW area though. I'm in North Fort Worth/Keller area.
hey Inner Geek - Theres a group on Facebook called DFW RC flyers, it's not huge but there is about 6-8 of us pretty active and engaged in getting our small flying group together. We've been trying to rotate to different field mostly around the mid metroplex area (irvine/grand Prairie). With the time change and work schedules meeting up has been tough but if you use facebook send a message to an admin and get in the group you'll get notifications of when we fly next.



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I get up that way every once in a while since the office is up that way, near Irving. I'll holler if I get up there with any time to fly.
I live in Aledo, TX area and I would like to meet up with some builders. Anyone else west of Fort Worth? Weatherford maybe?
I have lots of cnc machines including a 4'x6' 100 watt laser. I have purchased some DT foam and I want to start playing also. LOL
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I live in Gainesville, and have recently become addicted to building with DTFB... I've been looking for folks to fly with. I'd be willing to drive down closer to DFW on the weekends for a get together. So if anyone is still monitoring this thread, hit me up and maybe we can get a small group together!
You will have to drive to Grand Prairie just north of joe pool lake. A group of us are getting together this Saturday 1/24/15 from 2pm-6pm at Park Hill park on the corner of camp wisdom and Robinson. Check us out on Facebook "DFW RC Flyers"

- Jes
My future son-n-law are also new to RC and flitetest . We're interested in joining the flyers in the DFW area. We're in Bedford and Grand Prairie.