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Who is from the Dallas Fort Worth area?


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Dragging up an old thread...

How did camp wisdom and Robinson work out as a flying field and meet point? I can walk there but have never seen anyone flying. Is there an old rc club runway in the middle of the field? Looks like it on Google Earth but I've never wandered over to see. I usually fly out of the church that is halfway up to polo.
@thedrip - I ran in to an old guy there once and he said there used to be a flying club based there that would fly huge gassers, at some point there was a new housing development and I guess the club members would fly over the homes, long story short after several warnings and their failure to comply they got shut down. it's just and empty field down and yes there is a run down runway in the middle It's rumored to be owned by the school system but I have not done any fact checking. we have been flying quiet electric planes/multirotors there for several months now with out any issues.

as far as flying there i have yet to have a bad experience, there is a meet up for the facebook group DFW RC flyers on March 14th 2015. several regulars have other commitments so there may not be too many people out that weekend. and it could be a windy day as well which is usually a turn of for some of or newer pilots and quad pilots.

I recommend you make a request to join the group events are usually posted there. it's generally not hard to find some people to fly with through the FB group.

- Jes


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I live in Gainesville, and have recently become addicted to building with DTFB... I've been looking for folks to fly with. I'd be willing to drive down closer to DFW on the weekends for a get together. So if anyone is still monitoring this thread, hit me up and maybe we can get a small group together!
We have a great club in Lake Dallas
just had a Flight Test Group build at the last club meeting. Next month combat with bloody wonders and FT 22 mini's
To wake this thread up: I'm in Irving too. I'm flying in local parks/fields/parking lots. I don't go to club fields anymore, I haven't renewed my AMA and don't intend to at this time.

I like to try and fly a bit of every kind, from racers to gliders, from helis to quads. I've built an fpv tricopter, an fpv FT Spitfire and now I'm working on my design of the Gremlin.

Would love to get together and fly with someone in the neighborhood.


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I am in Arlington and primarily fly down at the Golden Triangle RC club. Also fly my heli in a few of the parks when I can. Would be happy to meet/build/fly with any of you guys in the area!
McKinney, member of NDRCC really love the club but it gets crowded and I mainly fly my gassers there. My foamies well I'm a renegade, if I can find an open area without homes and traffic I'll go fly and crash a few but those places are getting harder to come by
Bedford tx

Anybody here going to Flitefest East 2017?
I'm going with a friend. I attended last year and now want to make it an annual destination.