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will it fly? crimson hunter

So the fancy men of flite test are looking to challenge their own ability to make cool things happen?
I shall submit my bit..
the eldar crimson hunter.
a future worthy weapons platform from the table top game of strategic combat, Warhammer 40,000
No beyond replication technology to fool with although I wouldn't put it past David to develop warp drive.
just an extreme design. Antihedral and tiny wings and some interesting challenges for landing.
anywhich way that's my suggestion.
see if it can fly.. I really like the big stuff so I also put it to you to power it with a pair of properly potent ducted fans like those 70mm units from Grayson.
and another suggestion find yourselves one of the actuall models of this beauty and give us some cool shots of big and little next and nigh to each other!


that's sort of the biggest reason I haven't comited to trying it. I had the thought That one might rig the outer wings to fold up when you drop gear.
Like that transport in the original star wars or like a klingon warbird.
I'm a nerd.
how simply could that be done?


propulsion impromptu
folded wings (not swept nor flipped VTOL) afaik is for storage/aircraft carrier purposes.
never come across one done in mid-air related to flying purposes.
it is possible maybe to flip wings for VTOL twin tractor, maybe others have better thoughts? not sure.
would be interesting to see semi-fold Corsair-like for landing setup though.

one might say it would flew better inverted...? hehe
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To give it a try -- simplify! Don't go for all of the curves and detail. Start with a profile model. And it may take a couple of versions before you learn how flyable it is.