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Will it smoke out?

Hey all,
New to flying wings, and i built myself a 2s powered bonsai. love it. but i wish it had a bit more power! i found a wonderful 3s that will fit and balance perfectly. my esc can take 3s, but my motor is not rated to do so. ive run another car motor on 3s when it was not rated to do so, and it worked fine. my motor is 2900kv, and i would be using a 5x3 prop. on 2s, the motor is cold after a full pack. is it doable or will i burn up the motor? Thanks!


Hostage Taker of Quads
Without knowing anything more about your motor, probably not smoke, but your bearings might have a shorter life. An extra 4ish volts won't short tbe wires and assuming you get enough air to cool the motor, the coils will be fine , but another 12000 rpm is a lot of spinning.

If you want to take the gamble (could be just fine), balance the prop, balance the motor, and tighten everything down. You'll still be pushing hard and fast on the bearings every time you turn, but at least you won't be tearing them up with vibe.
good ideas! Thank you! when i got my pack of 5x3 props, they are ALL horribly unbalanced, but i think they are all, equally unbalanced. for now, i just threw some tape on one end of the prop and it balanced out very well near perfect! lucky placement! But yeah i would use a prop balancer and do it the right way eventually. ive heard of prop balancing, but im not familiar with motor balancing? can someone enlighten me on this? Thanks!