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So I have a custom designed plane I build from DTF board. The wingspan is just over 5ft and I didn’t plan how I was gonna transport it before I built it. I ended up cutting the wing in half, with a thick tape hinge on the bottom side so it would fold in half to for in my trunk. I also have a carbon rod that I slide in on one end of the opened wings.
now while it’s flying the wings work great, perfect amount of dihedral, etc. but on the ground the wings droop down which make landings a bit anxious. I’m curious if anyone knows any ways to maybe make wing spars that will work with a removeable wing? Or something to that affect anyways.


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It would be helpful to see a couple of pics of the interior of the wing. So open up the dihedral joint, then take a couple of pics. And where does the carbon rod go? Is there a wing spar? Send some pics. Maybe we can come up with some ideas. My blog is at:


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What you might consider is to build a spar box in the wing. This is usually done during the building process. The attached drawing explains the concept. The spar shown is only 12" long and for a model with a 5ft wingspan it won't be sufficient for aerobatics, but it will probably take the droop out of the wing. More tips on my blog::

build a wood spar box after the fact 1024 - 1.jpeg