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Wing Surfer kit from Nitroplanes


I ordered an "AirWing Wingsurfer" from Nitroplanes last weekend. It arrived on Friday, just a day after the electronics I ordered for it from HeadsUpRC. The Wingsurfer is just the latest name for the airframe we all know and love as the Bixler or Sky Surfer. I believe this is one of the earlier versions as the control rods are on the outside of the fuselage and the canopy is foam painted black. None of that matters to me.

NP sells the kit for $39.00. Total cost with shipping to Pennsylvania was $54.00. All of the "guts" come from HeadsUpRC.com. I used the PowerUp 400 zoom motor I had on my modified Wild Hawk and a new 40 amp esc. The esc is overkill, but they didn't have any 25 amp esc's in stock and I didn't have a 40 amp. Price was reasonable, anyway. The motor spins a 6x3e prop.

These planes are just a blast to fly! My motor/prop combo will provide unlimited vertical and a lot of speed. I like being able to toss the plane, climb vertically for a few seconds, chop throttle and just glide around. I think everyone should have one of these planes in their hanger. They are easy to fly and can handle wind really well. In high winds, you can hover it like a gull on an ocean breeze. They'll carry fpv equipment with ease. And, they are fun to chase your friends' models, too. Great plane, good price!



Rotor Riot!
Looked at the pictures, seems to be exactly the same as the HobbyKing Bixler. "Bixler" is still the most awesome name, though.


More combat please...
Yes- basically a Bixler...

A great deal for folks in the states.
Not sure what Nitroplanes shipping is like external to the USA...