Wiring and ESC's?

Hi, I am building a Tarot Iron Man 650 quad for AP. Im using 740 KV motors with 30A ESC's. I was wondering about power distribution, would it be ok to solder the wires together or would that cause heating issues? I was looking at some of hobby kings power boards, but iv heard they get very hot and they were only rated for 25A. Any suggestions? Also I was planning on using the Fire Red-30A SimonK flashed ESC's from RTF quads, but was also considering the 25A Qbrain 4 in 1 esc. Any suggestions on that also? Thanks!


Rogue Drone Pilot
There is no problem with soldering the wires together. Just make sure your soldering iron is up to the task because it will take a lot of heat! A better option might be to use bullet connectors and a breakout cable. This way you not only don't have to solder a giant lump of wires but if you for whatever reason had to swap an ESC you could without desoldering the whole mess.

A breakout cable is something like this...

Of course you can get them with other connectors and configurations if you wish.
Yeah, soldering wires is great, but when it comes time to replace something, uggg. I've gone all bullet, JST and molex. I have a few 250's I hard soldered instead of a PDB and connectors and wish I hadn't.

I think the best option (if you want to solder) is to buy some bulk wire, connectors and shrink wrap. Solder your wiring harness with connectors. Make everything removable and short runs. I've had too many cheap connectors fall apart. Heavy gauge wire cold soldered to an SMT pad. Happened to me twice, once from HK and once from 3DR.