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    From Scratch ... Kind of.

    Ok, so its not a plane, or anything that flies, and not entirely built from scratch. However, I did build it, and wasnt really sure where to post this at, as I didnt see a section that seemed appropriate other than this one, kind of appropriate? My take on a hand held 2 axis gimbal, re-using a...
  2. J

    Tarot 680 Pro Extended 800mm Hexacopter! RTF - Great Pro Photography System!

    Awesome Aerial Photography System! Optimally configured, all the best components to create an awesome aerial platform! Ready to Fly! Pick your package with the added options - or, go frame only! Take your aerial imaging to a new level! Tarot 680Pro Hexacopter/Multirotor (UAV/Drone) with...
  3. R

    Tarot ZYX-M Setup

    I have been in the process of making a drone for some videography and I recently got a Tarot ZYX-M flight controller. However for the life of me I cannot get the flight controller to work properly. I may be wiring it wrong or setting it up incorrectly but I would very much love some assistance...
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    choose multi-rotor motors and props (advice) tarot

    Hi All ( and thanks in advance ) I have some multi-rotor parts and I need some help on which direction to go. My goal is flight time (mixed hover and movements) at reasonable speed with gimbal and gopro. The parts I have and or plan to buy are: Radio: (waiting for delivery) transmitter FRSKY...
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    Tarot ZYX-M Setup Help

    Hello, I recently purchased a Tarot ZYX-M Flight controller and I hooked it up and i believe all the connections are proper and the led indicator module just blinks green and never goes solid indicating it is ready thus i cannot engage the motors on it. Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks
  6. L

    Diatone White Sheep Build (TBS Disco Clone)

    Hello. After a couple of month with ordering from sites all over I finally got my new quad put together (somewhat). The spec are: Diatone White Sheep Frame with PDB & DJI Arms. Sunnysky X2412S 980kv motors. ZTF Spider 30A Opto ESC's. Tarot ZYX-M Flight controller with PMU and GPS. Frsky...
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    Tarot ZYX-M Question

    Hi. I've recently bought the Tarot ZYX-M FC due to the similarities to the DJI Naza v2, but I have a couple of questions regarding its installation. It comes with a PMU, which from I understand it converts the LiPo voltage down to 5V and 12V to power things like gimbals etc. The PMU connects...
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    Control board question.

    Hello all. First time posting so be kind. Im an old rc guy from way back and I live in a weird spot to say the least. Originally from Missouri now a long ways away for a long time now (10 years). So this whole quad thing has happened and to be hones I have never even seen one in person. We are...
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    Aerial Video for Golf Course

    I took and edited this video over the past couple weeks and it is finally completed. It is my first video done for a business. The video is of my local golf course and was filmed using a Cinetank Mk2 and a Tarot 2 axis gimbal. Please enjoy the video!!
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    Wiring and ESC's?

    Hi, I am building a Tarot Iron Man 650 quad for AP. Im using 740 KV motors with 30A ESC's. I was wondering about power distribution, would it be ok to solder the wires together or would that cause heating issues? I was looking at some of hobby kings power boards, but iv heard they get very...
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    More Tarot Gimbal Testing and Raw Video

    I got out the other night and did some more work with the gimbal, as well as shot a quick video without it. The gimbal is a Tarot 2D gimbal, and I am flying it on a Cinetank Mk II quadcopter. Thanks for watching!
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    Tarot 2 axis Gimbal Testing

    Here is my first video using the Tarot 2D gimbal. This is mounted horizontally on the front of my Cinetank Mk2. The gimbal is working pretty well so far and really smooths out the video. I am running a seperate FPV camera (Fatshark 600TVL) so I can still see the quadcopter tilting, which means I...
  13. S

    DIY Tarot 250 FPV Build - Suggestions?

    Any input is appreciated :D. I already have a DX6i so went with the LemonRX but might switch to OrangeRX depending on performance. Got 5030 props to start and 6030 to advance and will get HQ 6030's or HQ 6045's when I get real serious. Also looking for input on what OSD to get. Let me know if I...