1. Z

    Alternate ESC/BEC Wiring Solution Help

    Hi there all, I am new here and just getting back into the hobby. I am planning on building the FT Sparrow Twin for my first FT build and I am trying to cram differential thrust into a 4 channel Rx (Radiomaster R84). I know that typically the solution for 6ch Rx's would be to have the ESC's...
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  3. ulaskayalar

    Power connector for the Arduino

    Will the red (positive) be soldered from the inside? As far as I can see the black (negative) is soldered from the outside. I don't want to take risks because I don't have electricity or electronic information. I would appreciate it if experienced friends answer. Male barrel jack 2.1mm...
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  5. M

    Need HELP with build!

    Hi, I am planing to build up the xhover stingy frame and I have a few uncertainties. 1. I want to use the Betaflight f4 fc but I don't know where to solder my spectrum receiver that takes 5v. spektrum receiver: https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=SPM4649T Betaflight f4...
  6. K

    FC Receiver Wiring Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am building my first quad and i am having trouble connecting my receiver. So I have a SP Racing F3 V1 Flight controller and I don't know where i should wire my FrySky XSR Receiver? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -King Kwad
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  8. Y

    Help - wiring power

    Hey guys so came across a compact easy ground station https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2wnS1T5haY made myself one the only thing i added was lipo battery checker inline that has a momentary switch wired to it (only display voltage when i press the button). after using it for sometime thought it...
  9. Kurt0326

    Naze 32 FT Cruiser

    So here is an idea I have to add a Naze 32 to my FT Cruiser. Hopefully in the future I will be adding my FPV gear, for the ultimate of becoming an Air Bear. But baby steps. First, I am seeking help with the wiring. There is not a lot of help out there on fixed wing Naze 32, not sure why. If you...
  10. jaskoller

    FT Guinea Pig Wiring Battery

    Currently building the FT Guinea. I'm curious what other people have done on the power/wiring. Has anyone run separate batteries for each ESC? If so, how did you do that? I have some ideas, but wanted to see what the community does. I'm assuming most people just run one battery. Please let...
  11. S


    Hello There! This is my FIRST POST EVER and I am usually a secrete post reader and I am on this forum everyday. I am a test pilot and electrical system coordinator for diesel and turbine motor drones. I also fly rc planes and AP quads and a lot of FT planes. ANYWAY. I just came across a...
  12. C

    Wiring and ESC's?

    Hi, I am building a Tarot Iron Man 650 quad for AP. Im using 740 KV motors with 30A ESC's. I was wondering about power distribution, would it be ok to solder the wires together or would that cause heating issues? I was looking at some of hobby kings power boards, but iv heard they get very...
  13. E

    Battery discharges very fast

    I'm having trouble with a battery discharging way too fast on my tricopter. It flies for a few seconds but then doesn't have enough thrust to stay in the air. The battery goes from 4.2 volts per cell to 4 volts per cell very quickly. I'm pretty sure it's just one battery. I've marked it to make...
  14. jaskoller

    Very Quick probably easy tricopter Bombdrop question

    I'd like to add a bomb drop to my Tricopter to release parachute guys for the kids. In order to hook up the servo can I just connect that to my receiver? I'm just making sure there is enough voltage from the receiver to power a servo since my receiver is powered by my KK2.1.5 board. Or is...
  15. L

    Best Practices for Wiring ESCs

    Quick question about best practices for wiring up ESCs. I have six ESCs that I'm wiring up for a Y-6 copter. I've decided to go with three pairs of ESCs on two layers. One pair for each arm: I'm not sure what the best way to set up the harness for this set up would be. I Here's a two-layer...
  16. N

    Esc Placement and wire length

    Hi everyone, I built a nice Aerial image and video platform on the Tarot Fy680 frame buying the motors and ESC's from buildyourowndrone.co.uk, upgrading to 11 inch props and larger 30 amp ESC's from Jdrones. So far so good, flies so well, it's very powerful and has no problem lifting the cam...
  17. S

    Fried ESC

    Hi- FT has gotten me into RC and I've started a build of the FT old speedster. During the setup, I was able to test the motor and servos fine. After I had completed the build and went to test, the ESC burned up. Wondering what went wrong. Here's the part list: - Suppo 18A brushless ESC - 2...
  18. M

    Tricopter APM2.6 FPV AP/AF

    Hello, to assure that I am not doing any big mistakes or forgetting anything I would like to share my planned components and the way I am planning to combine those. Thanks a lot for your feedback in advance. This is my plan for building a Tricopter designed for filming and photography with the...
  19. kenbocbr

    Help needed to setup kk2 with skywalker quatro 4x20 esc and turnigy 9x

    Hi All, Im a complete novice, hope someone can help, I'm at my wits end.... I have a Turnigy 9x that I don't know how to setup, I cant get the KK2 and the skywalker 4x20 esc to setup either. I need an Idiot guide to help me set these up, I'm so frustrated Regards Kenny
  20. H

    quattro esc 25a with multiwii pro and rx wiring

    hey guys basically i am a noob trying to wire it up... i have a lipo 4s battery quattro esc 25a multiwii pro and ar6200 receiver i have uploaded the arduino code that goes onto the board already using arduino. please help me here guys... here are some photos