Worth driving 16 hours as a spectator?


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My brother in law (who got me into flying) is trying to convince me to drive 16 hours 1 way with him for FF15. I'm not convinced there will be enough for us to do as spectators to justify 32 hours in the car, 2 nights in a hotel and the expense of it. Neither of us have been to a flight or RC event and don't know what there is to do as a spectator and novice pilot. We'd love to bring the family and camp out but just doesn't look like thats in the cards. So my question is what is there for us to do all day friday and saturday?


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I can't tell you whether it would be worth it in your opinion, but I can say that from having attended a lot of events FF is fantastic and VERY welcoming to beginners. There won't be a collection of show-winning $20k+ models sitting on the flight line to look at, but the build tent will be busy with a lot to see and do and there will be a lot of interesting stuff flying all weekend.

If you do decide to come out I would recommend going ahead and registering as a pilot. Event flying can be stressful, but the flight line last year was as friendly and welcoming as I've ever seen. Spend Friday building a plane or two and getting the feel for how an RC event runs and then spend Saturday flying and checking out the vendors and displays. Sounds like a good time to me :cool:


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+1 on wilmracer.

Register, fly, be merry. You will undoubtedly make some connections and be exposed to a ton of RC enthusiasm.


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if you're questioning it, then perhaps you aren't convinced that RC flying is your bag. This year will be interesting with an additional 200 pilots! The fellowship and fun loving crowd is well worth a try in my book. It's not a "club", it's a mass happening! completely different!


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Who says you'll only be a spectator?!? There'll be plenty to participate in in the build area ;)


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Total road trip time for the week leading up to and the day after FF15 4816miles / 73hours in the car. Maybe I can plan better and be better prepared for next year.


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the only bad side is after you leave you leave you cry for months its on of the greatest events ever but now its quite expensive to get in for 4 days


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Where are you coming from?

SE Arkansas

We have been planning to visit a family friend who's been ill in Colorado that week prior. So SE Arkansas to Colorado, from Colorado to Oklahoma where my brother in law lives. From there to Ohio and back to Oklahoma where I can trade him for my family and drive 8 hours home.