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Wake up! Time to fly!
When I was younger I walked around my neighborhood and asked people if they needed someone to take care of their lawns and stuff. I had plenty of money for my hobbies back then. There were times when I was unemployed and job prospects were poor where I supported myself doing that same thing. Its a skill that is always needed and can always produce cash for not a lot of effort or time.

My parents got divorced when I was 8 and when I was 10 I started raking leaves for people, by the time I was 12 I had a paper route all year long and made extra money shoveling snow in the winter and doing yard work in the summer to help out and at least pay for my own hobbies and school stuff.

Easy money to be had if you go out n look.
I agree with you, PsyBorg. I’m only a year older than you, Ronan, and I have a summer job weed whacking that maintains enough money for me to afford this hobby.

Here’s some tips I have:

-Go to the rich neighborhoods, they always pay better!
-Bring water. I nearly passed out and fell into the weed whacker last week.
-Keep your head up. I know it’s sucks being young and money-less, I’ve been there, but adults tell me to value youth, so I try my best.

Good luck, man!


Wake up! Time to fly!
Spot on mate. I did not say what I did to put anyone down. Its just where he is can be a detriment for people wanting to help him out since a good portion of us are in the states and pretty much in the same boat trying to keep food on the table and pay bills. It is easier finding that type of work when you are young and anyone can do it.

I do understand you are in a city but there are places that would still have you do odd jobs. Even grabbing a bucket and some dish soap and clean store front windows. Every one hates doing that and in a city where air is not so good there will be plenty to clean. Sweep floors and stock shelves in a mom n pop store even. Heck by the time you are old enough to drive you could have all kinds of RC gear AND enough to buy a car to drive to flying fields if you are ambitious

I read through your posts and I understand and very clearly remember going through the difficulties you are currently having. As a result, I learned early on a few ways to enjoy a hobby or two with little or no money, it can be really hard to make a few dollars when you're not "Legal working age" it's mostly to do with labor laws and of course paying taxes. Anyway, you mentioned that where you live isn't a really safe area, so doing things like collecting cans and copper wire and taking them to be recycled may not work out where you're at, but what about doing house work or yard work for family members or retired folks? After a certain age it gets difficult to do a lot of things around the house and having a helper around even for just a few hours a week a lot of the time is all some people need. It also might be helpful for you to get in touch with your local RC modeler's club and just meet the gang and express your interests in flying. At least in my own experience I found a whole lot of help and some of the guys that have been flying for decades have just offered or given me things that I needed simply to keep my interest. You might even find that there's a few people in the club that could use an extra set of hands around the house on the weekends.

I'd say it's a good idea to get started with finding a club close to where you live. Get on google and just search for RC modeler's clubs in London, or more specific possibly, I have no idea how big London is. Contact the club by email and ask about getting involved and coming out to visit the site. Most clubs are just fine with the general public and non members coming out to visit their sites. The first time I went out to my local site as simply a person with an interest in flying but no experience flying, I was given my first flying lesson by our club's treasurer. Obviously your experience there may vary, but simply showing an interest in the hobby as a young person can get you a long way and I'm sure you'll find that members are more than happy to help you get what you need to get started.

Give that a try and I'm sure you will be flying soon enough.
Thanks For your reply SteveRobey
I appreciate your advice on visiting and researching local rc clubs. I came accross my Local club and the minimum age ss 15. Also there is £20 a year and I still don't have the money for that.
Hi again Ronan,

I didn't realize there would be an age restriction, I don't think there is at my local club considering one of the guys is teaching his six year old to fly on one of the club trainers, but even with the age restriction, it still wouldn't hurt to contact the club by email and ask some questions. Be transparent in that you don't currently have money for a membership and your age etc. but just ask if it would be possible to visit the site and meet with some of the members. I know out of everything I had to purchase and pay for in order to fly at my local club, the AMA membership was one of the more expensive things and that's something I will have to re-up every year.

You may find that it takes some time to get everything going, to get into the club and to get all of the memberships/insurances paid, but a little patience will help too. Truth be told, this is very much a retired man's hobby we are getting into. Sure there are some younger guys, but we usually fly on a shoestring if you get my meaning. It will definitely help to have yourself associated in some way with your local club even if you end up having to wait to be able to fly with them. The guys who have been flying for years and years have a lot of experience and many were just like you when they got started, they are your best resources and will definitely help you get where you want to go.

Perhaps another avenue you can try is to set up a fundme page to raise the money you'll need to get the equipment, licensing and insurances you will need. Any possibility you can come up with a list of all the running hardware and electronics you need to get in the air assuming you would just be park flying?


Wake up! Time to fly!
Maybe you could ask if your parents would be willing to give you an allowance for doing things around your own house? I used to get that from my grandparents after we moved in with them when my parents got divorced. I had to sweep the side walks and porch every day after school, take the garbage out when was full and help dust the house once a week. My sisters helped with dishes after dinner and vacuuming the house and they also helped with the dusting.

Thinking back they had beautiful wood furniture but way to darn much of it.. They had a HUGE hutch with really intricate carved edges and designs that was the biggest pain in the rear to keep clean. I wish I were close to where you are to help you out and fly with you but that's a long swim from my house.

Maybe try and offer help to neighbors or family you already know and feel safe around? Surely your parents won't have issue with that. You could also get involved with a Church youth group and get to know other families that may be willing to help you out by having you do things for them to support your hobby. I know there are also programs here for inner city kids to have places to go and be safe. Does London have programs like that? Might even meet enough other kids interested in the hobby and form your own club where you guys could trade parts and help each other.

There are so many ways to get involved in things where there is support to help you along if effort is made to seek them out.
OK, I see you need a charger. I have this if you want it.


I know it sucks, but it is my ONLY charger until I work enough money to buy a new one (my last one took a dump), and you need it more than I do.