X4R and Taranis Binds only over USB


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Just got my first quad set up and am having some issues binding up the X4r and the Taranis. When I have the Kiss FC plugged in via USB, I am able to bind to the X4R. After I have everything calibrated, unplug the USB and plug a LiPo in to the PDB, the X4R doesn't seem to be powered.

Any thoughts on what may be happening? I followed Chad's video on setting up the quad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrOJySAljwE

Set up:

Kiss ESC 24a
Kiss FC - updated firmware
Taranis X9S



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Sounds like you're not getting power from the PDB to the KISS FC and RX. When the USB is plugged in, the KISS can power the RX from there, but there's some broken connection between the FC and the PDB.

Do you have a direct power connection from your PDB to your KISS? The Kiss ESCs are opto, so they will not power the radio gear. The FC has a built-in BEC to power itself and the RX, but it will need a connection back to the battery power to do that. There are terminals on the PDB to support that, but they must be connected.

If that's in place, go back and check your solder joints on those wires. A bad solder joint may stick to the board but will be insulated from the metal contact underneath you'd hoped to solder to -- it's like it's floating on a pool of solidified flux. My money is on the ground, as the ground plane is usually big enough that it takes quite a bit of heat to form a good joint.


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Hey Dan, I just double checked and realized I had NO power going to the board haha. I was building solely from the video, so I am not sure how I missed it. I wired up wires from the PDB and it worked immediately. I appreciate the quick response!