1. C

    Help! Is my flight controller dead?

    So my Mamba F405 Mk2 flight controller won't connect to betaflight anymore. It was working fine the day before. When it is connected to my pc the flight controller has the correct LEDs lighting up as you would expect but then nothing happens. It's not even recognized in windows at all, as if it...
  2. M

    Spektrum DX6 and RealFlight 8 (Wired)

    I bought the RealFlight Simulator and I have a Spektrum DX6 transmitter. I know its possible to connect to my computer with the WS1000 Wireless Simulator Dongle (SPMWS1000)...
  3. randyrls

    Mavic and Samsung USB cable??

    I have a Samsung S4 phone and a Samsung Tab3 tablet I want to use with a DJI Mavic. I want to get a short right angle USB cable for the phone and tablet, but none of the cables I have tried will display video image on the Samsung screen, only the genuine Samsung cables work properly and...
  4. S

    First Time quad build. Can't get my KISS 32 flight controller to connect to my Mac.

    Hi Folks, I'm new to the hobby and was really hoping to take my quad out for its first flight ever today, but unfortunately I can't get the firmware flashed to my new KISS 32 flight controller. I can't even get it to connect to the KISS GUI stand-alone app on my Mac running Mac OS Sierra. The...
  5. O

    Turnigy 9x usb cable not recognized.

    Hey, I just bought a cable for my Turnigy 9x that is similar to but it isn't being recognized by my pc. I'm using DRL Simulator; could this be my problem? If so, what simulator can I use for quad racing that free? Any help is appreciated!!:D Thanks
  6. P

    X4R and Taranis Binds only over USB

    Just got my first quad set up and am having some issues binding up the X4r and the Taranis. When I have the Kiss FC plugged in via USB, I am able to bind to the X4R. After I have everything calibrated, unplug the USB and plug a LiPo in to the PDB, the X4R doesn't seem to be powered. Any...
  7. jifka

    CANNOT get Cleanflight working on my Mac

    I have a Mac running El Capitan (OSX 10.11) and while I can open up Cleanflight, I cannot get it recognizing the USB port. Here's what I've done: 1. Installed Cleanflight 2. Installed the CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers 3. Open Cleanflight From here, there's no option for USB. I've...
  8. M

    Naze32 works but cannot connect via usb

    This is my first quad copter build and so i am very new to all of this. I am using a naze32(full version) and was using cleanflight to set it up. I did manage to start to set it all up without any problems. I managed to assemble the whole quad copter fine and everything seemed to be working but...
  9. A

    Programing ESC's?

    Hey guys, What would be the best way of programing Esc's (I already have a programing card but I want to go beyond programing it by a card) Something that plugs into a computer and you can change all the setting through a program so I can get better throttle response.... And how (Making a Tricopter)