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Xanders first flight


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Hi there fellow flite-testers, I'm Phil from New Zealand and together with my son Xander we are getting into building and flying planes.

Today we hit the field with our chuck glider which in hindsight was a tad heavy! With a bit of tail bending, we managed to keep it in the air for a bit. I think it needs more wing area!

I am also posting as a newbie in the glider section for our adventurous build! https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/foam-wing-dlg-electric.56283/



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That really IS a Beautiful area to glide around in!! I LOVE all these wonderful Father and son stories. So heartwarming, especially in this day and age.
She looks great, and it appears that you guys are tweaking her in the right direction!!


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I guess I'd try a little less elevator. I bet you could get some good distance.

Does it balance about 1/3 of the wing cord?


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I guess I'd try a little less elevator. I bet you could get some good distance.

Does it balance about 1/3 of the wing cord?
Currently yes.. maybe I need to tidy up the tail, currently it is a bit stubby and possibly not aligned with the main wing for straight flight?

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Wonderful vids, man. Thank you. I would be hard pressed to find it again, but there is a guy who has a YouTube channel devoted to gliders. He went to a FliteFest and during combat, he launched the gliders into the fray with a rubber band launcher as Arcfyre suggested. If I recall correctly, he didn't actually take anyone out, but that was some impressive glider flying! All I've got for you is good luck and keep having fun with your son! (y)


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Too many long years ago my dad bought a Sig Kadet MK2, glue, OS .40, Airitronics 4 channel fm transmitter that came with 4 servos and a rx. He glued some cork board to a piece of plywood. We built a plane together. Rest is history. One of my best childhood memories!


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@bracesport you know what you can do to help your son launch them higher and thus get more glide and enjot them some more? You can make a mini hook to the bottom of the glider and using a pencil with a rubber band attached to it as a sling shot.

And here is a video of my son launching the the sling shot.


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A week or so ago we attempted to launch the DL(TT)G from the wing and it was a disaster - since then I have added some more tail authority and tinkered with a launch mode mix (just waiting for some good weather) - nevertheless on that day my son Xander was determined to use the Tx before I tried the DLG launch - I am not sure he actually moved the sticks but we did get a short flight and he was very happy (no damage on landing)!