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Yes, yet another "Newbie" post. I'm Andy from North East of Scotland

have dabbled in RC Air craft for a few years , only now learning to fly properly with a club, and looking for a Trainer, with will build one or Buy.

Have had planes in the Past and currently have A2Coc for Drone ( DJI Mini2 ) used for Photos.


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Welcome Andy!

This is a great community to start in. Ask all the questions you want someone will chip in to help.

Three FliteTest craft to start with;
  1. FT Exporer with a reinforced wing
  2. FT Old Fogey
  3. FT Spitifre
They are great beginner choices. All fly well. The Old Fogey is slow so it gives you some time to learn from a mistake and will fly for 15-20 minutes, giving you good stick time. The Explorer is almost a glider so you can get more time from your battery too, and the design protects the propeller from a crash. the FT Spitfire (or Mustang) are great fliers with a wide speed range, and they satisfy most folks need to fly a warbird.

If you are looking for something to learn from while not at a computer I host a podcast the AviationRCNoob. We cater specifically to you and your goals. let's get you knowledge, flying and having fun. then join the community to keep engauged. We host monthly build nights. a time to chat with enthusiasts around the world while you build and talk shop.

We're not the only ones either, here are other podcasts look for;
  • RC Plane Lab
  • RC Roundtable
  • RC lawnchair Pilots
  • RC Afterhours
  • FT Community Cast
I look forwar to seeing what you build!