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help me

  1. Z

    Spektrum Dx5e sticks not responding

    HI first post here. I'm having trouble with my Spektrum Dx5e transmitter in that the reverse switches can control the servos and motor, but when I try moving the sticks there is no response. I should mention that I took the controller apart for a project and extended the wires connecting the...
  2. M

    Electronic Problem with ESC

    Hello Everybody! I just build the FT Delta design and was working on putting the electronics in it. I plugged everything in and turned it on. The ESC did not beep and the motor did not turn on but the receiver was getting power through the ESC and was connecting to the Transmitter. All my...
  3. nOtyRmOm

    Tiny planes

    I was wondering. . . If i was going to make one of those super small indoor flyers, what would i need. Because I was wondering how to make one. Also how woukd i make the wings, and elavator/rudder.
  4. nOtyRmOm

    Help me please

    For a project in school i am building a plane, and have gone threw 16 renditions and none of them work, their either to nose heavy, too tail heavy, arent stable crash on its maiden flight unexpectantly. Please give me plans or ideas.
  5. SirLearnalot

    Solved Do i need to synchronize multiple motors on an electric RC plane?

    Hello i am building a replica Ilyushin IL-18 which has 4 propellers. I was just going to use brushless motors to build this project but i keep seeing things about syncronising the motors and i am very confused, do I need to do this? I am using 4 separate ESCs. Many thanks
  6. BrickRedRock

    Throttle stuck on

    Hi All. Just hooked up my Park 370 motor to my ESC and plugged in to my receiver to test that I was spinning the right direction. When I turned on the throttle, the motor started spinning with the throttle stick at -100. I thought this was something weird so I moved the throttle to 100 (all...
  7. D

    YES!! It works. graupner esc telemetry direct to frysky Analog AIN?

    hi there flight test hive mind! i'm new to the hobby, just build a tiny trainer with my daughter, gona maiden it today, chuck glider at first. i did just try out the controlls and i works!!! now to the technicals. power pack A in the Uk is from Graupner, it comes with an Ultra control 20a...
  8. DarkRainbow2

    Help! Power Pack B motor mounting

    Hey everyone, I'm currently trying to finish up my FT-22 (my first scratch build ever) and I've encountered problems with my Power Pack B that arrived yesterday. I have the ULTRA 2812 1200kv Motor which came with the power pack, but I have no screws to mount it to the firewall with. There were...
  9. J

    trying to build something with electronics that i have

    Hie, iam jay, so i was onto this rc thing for quite a while but keep on ended up frustrated in trying to build something that dies flies, ive tried to build using ft plans but it seems my electronics just not good enough for few of the builds here and often my electronics are far from met with...
  10. G

    Help guys! I need some tips for building a multi rotor!

    Hello guys! I am a beginner and I am looking to build my first ever multi rotor. I am going to use this multi rotor mostly for aerial cinematography/ photography with a GoPro Hero 3. These are the parts I have picked. I just need some suggestions/ tips before I go buy all these and put them...
  11. J

    Just Started

    Hello, I'm Jamie, and I live in the southern area of the United Kingdom. :) I am currently very interested in Rc aircraft and am trying my hardest to get started. The reason I find the subject of Rc flight interesting is because I want to become a pilot. I enjoy watching Flite Test videos and...
  12. Vampircorn

    Help on my first multirotor

    Hello! I am trying to build my first multirotor. I have always been in love with RC aircraft, but never had space to fly planes, and now with multirotors becoming more common, I have decided to try and build one for myself. I am looking to build a simple quadrotor that I can put FPV equipment...