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I've decided to stick with single screen units because of concerns with IPD. My IPD is a bit wider than average. Single screen just seems like a safer bet. I've got it narrowed down to 3 units. I would be using these goggles primarily on planes.

Least expensive...The Quanum V2 Pro kit. Once I add a diversity receiver and a couple good quality antennas, I'm into them for around $130. They do not have HDMI input, so I couldn't use them with my Phantom drone, but it have a nice bright panel display anyway. I use an iPad mini with the Mavic, so goggles are not a necessity there either, just a nice bonus since I seem to fly my drones more than the planes.

Next...Headplay SE V2. These have HDMI input but no diversity. How important is that? They seem to be a good buy at $210. I saw a couple videos where they said the receiver was junk, but that might have been an older model.

Next...Fat Shark Transformer. Also appears to have HDMI input.

All of these look like they have a movable Fresnel lens for focusing to your specific needs. They all get pretty decent reviews. The only reason I'm considering the Quanum kit is to test the waters with FPV. If I like it, I can upgrade and use the cheap set for passengers. I also like the fact that I can use any receiver I want. Headplay and Fat Shark don't appear to be modular.

I was originally going to buy a set of DJI goggles because they work with both the Phantom 4 and Mavic, but getting an analog signal into them from a 5.8GHZ receiver seems to be a challenge. They would work great with my DJI drones, but not with any FPV gear on the planes.

Then there is the Dominator V3. I'd be into them for around $400 with receiver and antennas and they have HDMI input. The form factor blows away the box goggles but there may be an IPD issue.

What's everyone think?
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I started FPV using a 7 inch monitor. After one day I took it out side I had made a hood for it and used a cymbal stand from an old drum kit to hold it. No Fresnel lens to worry about as I made the hood to be the focal length I needed so I could be in the same spot every time. I have neck issues so I did not think them Qunam style "goggle" would be good for it.

FPV ground station.jpg

Then after researching goggles to upgrade to and try I went with the Skyzones as I came across a deal where they were 100 dollars less then the current price at the time. If you wear glasses they should say your IPD on the prescription. Then you can look at goggle specs and see what the range of adjustment is and if it is within your IPD you should be good.


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I started with just a monitor. Don't do that ;)
Then had the HK Cyclops. They were very nice for the price. One day while working on them, I accidentally cracked the screen :(
I bit the bullet and bought some Fatshark Attitude V4s. They have a smaller FOV, but the goggle form factor is so much nicer.

If I were getting into things now, I'd also look at the Eachine box goggles and Aomway Commander "Fatshark-style" goggles


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The aomways look nice and come complete. How big of a deal is it not having a defog fan on these smaller form factor goggles? I tend to work up a sweat easy in warmer weather. At almost the same price, the Dominators have a fan.

I didn't think to check my glasses RX for IPD. Thanks for the tip.


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The Aomways have a fan, it's built into the bottom, not sticking out the top like the Fatsharks.

For me in humid Florida, a fan is a must. I also suggest that a DVR is a must purchase. Even if it's a $15 external add on. Reviewing DVR footage can save you from losing a quad.