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Help! Yet another question...

So I am working on a middle-scale model Spitfire, and I have one little question about the tail section.

As you can see, I have the general layout of it complete, but I cannot seem to get the two halves of it attached.

I detached the rudder, so you can see better. The rudder takes up that entire slit, but I need those halves to be taped together somehow. I would just simply tape each side to the rudder itself, but you know how tape acts...
So if someone can help me out, I would appreciate it!
I also do not have any access to hot glue, but I do have Packaging Tape, Scotch Tape, A Boxcutter, Scissors, Cardboard, A Drill and Drill Bits, and an Allen Wrench: 1.5 mm.


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without stiffen more by using not cardboard, or at least use glue, you never get it to stick without taping around it and on the tailfin, but tape wouldnt hold it stiff enough in flying condition


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Ive build plane of carton, glue was best way to keep things together. But carton planes will eventually (faster than most) gradually be fast weaker and weaker. The structure of carton collapse "to paper" lost rigidy.


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One simple thing you could use to secure the sides together through the vertical fin is to use a skewer or two. Push them through and squeeze the tail together then apply the glue to hold the skewers in place. You could use almost any paper or wood glue for the task, hot glue not required.

It may not be pretty but it will work!

Have fun!
I do have the Elmer's liquid glue, so I guess that might work... Idk If we still have that bottle of tacky glue, but it's worth looking for. Many thanks for the suggestions guys!