Bellanca Aircruiser C27-A

Plane Bellanca Aircruiser C27-A 2.1 M

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A foamboard recreation of the Bellanca Aircruiser C27-A originally found in a 1934 edition of Popular Aviation.

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Four channel plane using Flite Test 'C' power pack W/ 1800 mAh battery. 6 sheets, 31 Oz all up weight with a 50" wing span and 30" in length. 9.46 oz/sqft wing loading and WCL of 5.2 with the flying struts factored in. Flights were performed using a 10 x 7 x 3 prop. CG is 1.5" from the Leading edge and shown in PDF.

Original Resource:

Flight Testing Videos:

Build Video:

Thanks to @willsonman for his help with dialing in the flight characteristics and @Aviator08 for testing the build process.​
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