BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan

Plane BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan Version 1.1

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I have not yet had an opportunity to complete the second build, but I have made a few minor corrections and modifications to the plans. Of note, former 8 has been modified to be a front and back former (one smaller) to hopefully eliminate the need to taper the stack, as well as to make the fit just a bit easier as it was quite tight when assembling.

I've also included a few sheets with insignia for German as well as Romanian schemes (one of these days I might to a Finnish scheme...)

The changes in the formers have not yet been tested, so at this time, this still is a beta build, although I have a high confidence that if you follow the build instructions included, things should go together nicely!
This is one side - you'll need to mirror the part in your slicer. It could use some tweaking, but it turned out pretty well and I'm not motivated (yet) to fix it:ROFLMAO:

---sorry - I've got to upload the stl to Thingiverse as it didn't let me attach it here...
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