Blohm und Voss BV-141

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The date of the annual flying club's foam board and/or junk plane competition is looming overhead like the constant threat of fuel shortages for Goehring’s Luftwaffe, so I decided I'd quickly sketch up an atrocity of an airplane fitting of the event. Previous years had the XF8B-1, Master series IL-2, and Twin twirl, so I thought I'd ditch the whole cliché symmetrical design fad and build a properly lopsided aircraft. From that thought came this, the BV-141. I just quickly traced out a 3 view in fusion and exported the faces to inkscape relatively successfully. As I'm lazy, I decided not to color code score cuts differently from cut throughs, but I hope you can figure it out yourself. If you run into any issues just ask me and I should be able to help. On that note,

  • bevel the inside surface of all the observation pod pieces
  • stagger the breaks in the wingspar for increased strength
  • trim about 5-15mm from the bottom of the wingtip trailing edge to keep from interfering with the aileron and cut a trapezoidal piece of scrap foam to support the aileron (different for each build, on my own it was a significant difference in the amount that had to be trimmed on each side)
  • glue firewall mount to the front of the fuselage
  • us a bbq skewer brace to strengthen h-stab
  • cut a battery hatch anywhere, my personal favorite location is the right wingtip
  • balance at about 1/4-1/3 of wing chord from LE of course
  • put servos wherever you like, even put them on the control surfaces and glue the control horn to the airplane if you’re feeling bold
  • Good Luck, you'll need it

  • Don’t worry, it’s uglier in person. But you know what they say, beauty is only skin deep, and foam board planes entire structure is technically just the aircraft’s skin so something something philosophy.
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