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Stefan's Snow Cone

Plane Stefan's Snow Cone 2021-12-17

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
I decided to try and recreate Stefan's Snow Cone from the snow skimmer episode, so through screenshots of the video I was able to figure out the measurements for everything. Next up is the Wing Dinger and The Y, which are a bit more complicated.


The prop cutting into the foam was caused by fuselage bending after going off a jump, in normal skimming that shouldn’t be a problem. If you do plan to go off ramps, increasing the height of the motor should help or adding a stiffening piece of foam or wood.

Build guide:
black = cut through
red = score
blue = score on other side
green dashed = reference

Peel off the paper and fold it like Stefan did in the flite test video, hot glue a paint stick to the back and make a motor pylon and battery bay out of paint sticks and mount along the centerline, here's what it would look like:
I’d recommend adding nose weight to prevent backflips like this at speed:

The Flite Test video:
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