200% Quadratwirl (original by Al Foot)

Plane 200% Quadratwirl (original by Al Foot) 1.0

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What's better than two rotors, one wing, and two control surfaces? Four rotors, two wings, and 3 control surfaces. So, after modifying the Twin Twirl for foam board the Quadratwirl was the next logical step, and should be a fun combat plane for Flite Fest 2022.
(I will update the thread with pictures of the mine once I finish building it)
Here's a picture of a normal scale quadratwirl:

Parts list:
  • foam board (of course)
  • Power Pack C motor or larger and an appropriate ESC
  • 3 9 gram servos
  • landing gear wire for rotors
  • wheel collars for rotors
  • brass or steel tube for rotors (to reduce friction)
  • 3d printed parts (PLA should be fine)
  • string or dowels for wing struts
  • bbq skewers for elevator struts and rotor pylons
  • for the double thickness wings, glue together with high strength spray glue and seal the edge with hot glue
  • for the rear wing have the paper sides of the hinges facing each other for more strength
  • follow the method in Flite Test's Twin Twirl build video for gluing the rotor blades (around 5:32)
Plans guide:
  • Black = cut through
  • Red = score
  • Blue = guide
link to original plans: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?636356-Quadratwirl-4-Rotor-Autogyro-Plans
Some footage of the original quadratwirl:
Flite Test Twin Twirl video:
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