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EZ Bronco

Plane EZ Bronco 1.5

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With the sad demise of the 3-Channel EZ Pack, I have now changed the plans to be solely 2-Channel. I've also streamlined the build and removed a lot of the additional options, in favour of a much cooler 'Crash Test' themed skin.
As I've been using the central fuselage that @Addicted created in my recent builds, I've scrapped the original and now only have his on the plans. Thanks, @Addicted!
I've uploaded two PDF's, one with just the instruction sheet and a 2-page tiled template for the plane, and then the other PDF contains the above-mentioned, as well as a layout on a 20x30" with four planes, and then 4 pages worth of skins for the 'Crash Test' theme.



Lots of little updates to make this little flyer even better:
  • Model updated with guidelines for the chuck glider version, including where to place a Quarter for CG.
  • Added guides for push rod size and shape, updated the control horn shape.
  • Added the "Addicted" fuselage, which is my current design of preference for the model. This model doesn't have Addicted's template for hiding the servo and control board, though. This model can be made and then the electronics removed relatively easily and converted back to a chuck glider without breaking the plane.
  • Added an STL file for lightweight 3D-printable wheels.
  • Plans contain the Bronco tiled on 3 letter pages, with the alternate fuselage on a 4th page; 4x models on a 20x30" sheet; vinyl templates and a building guide/info sheet.
Lots of small changes:
- Improved the instructions and added a few missing elements.
- Increased the canopy size a bit to match the slope of the wing.
- Included a double-layered gauge for the wing to get the shape of the airfoil easier (Use this in the center and the 2 singles where the booms attach to the wing.
- Tried to make the plans more in line with FT's/Sponz's templates.
- Added an additional page for those who have vinyl sticker printer paper lying around. With the use of a black and a red sharpie and the decals, you can get your Bronco in a "CARL FIRE" (Parody of 'CAL FIRE') finish :)