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EZ Intruder

Plane EZ Intruder Beta 1.0

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a fun flyer for children of all ages
love the simplicity. thank you
Simple build! I have built 3 so far. Each of them fly great. My first one was to heavy and no matter how far back I put the battery it would not climb. Second one I removed paper from one side of each side plate to bring the weigh down. I did not want to do this with the main fuselage piece as it would make not very strong. Third one I build I moved the motors out more and increased the width of the horizontal stabilizer. The for this is that on the first and second builds I noticed that it did not turn to well even on high rates. I figured it just needed the motors to be moved out more. I also wanted to make the stabilizer bigger so it would not nose dive because the tail was not getting enough thrust. Turns on a dime on low rates! Maybe don't try this on high rates though. I did and it got into a flat spin that you can not get out of!