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EZ Intruder

Plane EZ Intruder Beta 1.0

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Here is the Beta 1 version of the EZ Intruder! Great back yard or indoor flyer.


These are BETA plans for the EZ Intruder. This model airplane is designed to use the Flite Test 2CH EZ Power Pack available on the Flite Test store.

The aircraft is designed to use Flite Test Maker Foam or ADAMS Readi-board foam board.

Wingspan : 15 Inches
CG : 1.5 inches [38 mm] from the leading edge at the root chord.
Make sure to add the 2 pennies (or equivalent) nose weight to get the proper CG (see plans).

*Note : To change your EZ Power Pack configuration from pusher to tractor all you need to do is SWAP & FLIP the props between the right and left motors.

For more information about the Flite Test EZ series electronics and planes check out these Flite Test videos:

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