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FT Mini Guinea

Designed By: Peter Sripol
Plans By: Dan Sponholz

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The FT Mini Guinea is a small twin with a big personality. Now made with Master Foam this plane offers so much versatility it is insane! Whether you are a beginner looking to build your first twin or you are an advanced pilot looking for a very small and versatile platform, the Mini Guinea can do it all! Using differential thrust the Mini Guinea is capable of a wide variety of maneuvers such as flat spins, pin wheels, and even harriers. The under cambered wing tips give this aircraft a very wide speed envelope that will allow anything from slow high alpha flight to fast sport flying.

Speed Build Kit:
FT Mini Guinea Speed Build Kit

Power Pack Compatibility:
Power Pack A Twin Radial Edition

9 Oz (Fully assembled; without battery)
Wingspan: 35 Inches (889mm)
Center of Gravity: 1.25 Inches (32mm) from leading edge of wing (Recommended)
Control Surface Throws: 16 degrees
Expo Suggestions: 30%

Free Plans: Click the Download Button in the upper-right corner of this page
* These plans have been updated to the latest format. The design of the model has not changed. Only the format has changed to make it easier to print and build from the plans.
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