1. Pieliker96

    Plane DHC-4 Caribou v1.0

    The DHC-4 Caribou uses Twin C pack and a 3000 4s. It features retracts with landing gear doors, slotted flaperons, double-slotted main flaps, and actuating upper and lower cargo bay doors. It uses 13 sheets of DTFB, 1 sheet of cardstock or posterboard, and 2 sheets of 1'x2'x1/8" plywood, among...

    Plane EZ Guinea Pig v1.2

    EZ Guinea Pig! Coming Soon: Images Build Thread SKINS?
  3. Pieliker96

    Plane Cormorant II 1.2.1

    The Cormorant II uses twin F pack and a 2250 3s which gives it a aerobatically-oriented thrust-to-weight ratio. It can be configured with optional Fowler Flaps and Drooperons, which enhance slow flight and roll rate respectively. It uses 5 sheets of DTFB. For ongoing developments and more...
  4. flitetest

    Plane FT Mini Guinea 1.1

    FT Mini Guinea Designed By: Peter Sripol Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The FT Mini Guinea is a small twin with a big personality. Now made with Master Foam this plane offers so much versatility it is insane! Whether you are a beginner looking to build your first twin or you are an...
  5. Spr0ck3t

    Plane Phat Slug 1.1

    This is a Radio-Controlled foamboard-based A-Tail plane with a 2m wingspan made out of 6mm foamboard (the one used as floor insulation in Europe). Follow the instructions. The build process is very similar to Flite Test planes. The included motor mount files are for A2212 motors. You can very...
  6. flitetest

    Plane FT Guinea Pig 1.1

    FT Guinea Pig Designed By: Peter Sripol Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The Flite Test Guinea Pig is the perfect platform to carry out the craziest experiments in the air. While it can carry a hefty payload, which can be dropped out the rear hatch, it can also be set up to carry out...
  7. C

    First scale build attempt

    This build was inspired by @foamandtape Cargo Commander and the rest of the Flitetest crew. They inspired me to get into the hobby this past year and I went from not being able to fly at all to doing 3D with the Guinea Pig. This will be my first and surely not last scratch build. I'm hoping to...
  8. C

    Guinea Pig Racing

    What's going on guys. Me and a bunch of guys in my club decided to build and race a bunch of Guinea pigs. Here's a few of the color schemes we've built. I'll be sure to have video and pictures of the event. They also have steerable nose wheels.
  9. Techno

    Twin Boom, Twin Engine, FPV, Cargo Plane Build Thread

    I'm going to build a plane to bring to FliteFest 2015, and I want it to be able to do everything (except combat, I'll bring something else for that) that I want to do there. I've decided that since I've got some matching motors around, I'll build a twin engine, because I haven't made a twin...
  10. Raptortech

    60in Multi-bay Twin Motor Cargo Plane (and some FPV)

    Is is just me or have there been a lot of cargo plane's popping up recently? Anyways, here's another. I built this plane with a close friend last year. Flies great, and it lasted a very long time for DTFB plane. In fact, it's still in good shape, I just wanted the electronics so I...
  11. APlane

    75" Twin Motor Cargo Plane - Build Log

    Hello all. In this thread, I will post updates and build progress on my newest RC Plane. It will be a twin motor cargo plane with a 75" wingspan, and 50" long fuselage. Here are the current specifications: Dimensions 75" Wingspan 12" Wing Chord 3"x20" Ailerons 3"x12" Flaps 26" Horizontal...
  12. C

    FPV Cargo plane

    I have been thinking, so there are lot's of FPV airplanes, and there are a couple of planes capable of carrying cargo, so what about combining them and making a practical airplane? The goal: To create an airplane, big or small, that includes long range FPV, a good battery and a cargo hold with...
  13. L

    STOL Cargo Plane

    I need help designing/building a Cargo plane, That's also capable of STOL (short take off and landing). for the stol problem i was working on the Coandă effect like the AN-72 or Boeing YC-14. I was wondering if foam and tapes twins plane would be a good test bed. can I use edf on the twins?