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Plane Mighty Mini Sea Duck 1.2

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Wowee this is nice! The plans are legit, I am impressed and definitely going to build!
Thanks for sharing! Did you use regular Dollar tree foam or the waterproof stuff? Have you ever tried some of the Walmart foam?
Thanks! I appreciate the comment.

I used dollar tree foamboard in my test builds and in a display model I built for a friend. All the versions that ended up flying were built with FT waterproof foam.

I have never tried building planes from anything other than the FT/Adams readi-board. I have build other things out of other brands of foamboard, but never Walmart foamboard.
A fun build and really enjoyable to fly. I lowered the battery tray and will probably go a little lower on the next build.
Builds basically just like the original. Great job on the plans! Flies wonderfully on some old drone motors and 5" tri-blades.