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SP0NZ STD Control Horn

Part SP0NZ STD Control Horn 1.0

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SP0NZ STD Control Horn
SP0NZ STD Control Horn.png

This control horn is designed to work with most standard size Flite Test foam board RC model aircraft. The three push rod holes work with standard Flite Test push rods (.039) or can be drilled for use with E/Z connectors. I increased the thickness from the standard FT plywood control horns (.063) to 2 mm (.079) for a little added strength.

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My Printer: Anet A8​
Material(s): PLA​
Rafts: No​
Supports: No​
Infill: 100%​
Height: .2 mm​
Top layers: 2​
Bottom layers: 2​
Perimeters: 4​
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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These are nice control horns.