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  1. E

    80cm foamboard/3D printed hybrid 3D aerobatic plane

    My 3D printed/foamboard hybrid RC 3D plane with 80cm wingspan. All stl files and foamboard plans are here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6559930. I will keep this site more up to date than this post - so use the thingiverse site rather than this post if you plan to build it. This is...
  2. kep

    Odyssey - 2.4m Endurance FPV | Build Thread

    Hey folks! I've been working on a 3D-printed 2.4 meter wingspan, high-endurance FPV/surveyor platform. It carries an FPV cam in a pivoting pod that can point down for aerial surveying, and is pitch stabilized by Ardupilot. Early Render: Odyssey specs: 2.4 meter wingspan using an E423 airfoil...
  3. Flyingshark

    Part FT Tutor Main Gear Support 1.0

    This is a 3D-printed version of the main gear support for the FT Tutor, which is the only plywood/plastic part required for the taildragger version. (The tricycle gear has a couple pieces for the nose gear that I haven't tried to print yet.) I printed mine out of PLA with 100% infill, and it...
  4. S

    Onyx and fiber 3D printing on Markforged Mark 2

    Hello, My name is Dave, and I have a Markforged Mark Two Fiber printer as well as a PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS printer. I can print plane and drone parts, and I'm trying to design my own drone for flight (although the last time I made something that flies it was run on a crystal radio in 2003...)...
  5. Ryan O.

    Part Runcam Split 3 Micro Case and Mount 1.0

    I decided to make a simple case for the Runcam Split 3 micro since there aren't any out there, so here it is.
  6. Ranger_107

    Drone Gerbil Whoop 40mm Cinewhoop. .5

    This is a 40mm cinewhoop. it runs off tiny whoop sized motors with 8.5mm mounting holes and a 16x16 FC. It's a pusher, so you print it upside down. there is three parts- the spacers, the top plate, and the main frame. you need to print four spacers. otherwise, i would print it in 50+ infill and...
  7. fliteadmin

    Part FPV Pod for the FliteTest Grumman G-44 Widgeon 1.0

    Take your Flite Test Widgeon flying experience to the next level with this 3D printed FPV pod. Its design allows for airflow to cool the camera and video transmitter during flight while preventing water splashes from damaging the equipment during takeoffs and landings on the water. Print the...
  8. AircPirateNinsei

    AP SENBAN DIY Quadcopter Frame 220 mm Wheelbase

    I present to you the AP SENBAN. It is a 3D printed quadcopter frame with a wheelbase of 220 mm. My PETG printed frame with 50% infill (without electronics but with nuts and screws) has a weight of 106 g (3.74 oz). Check thing 4209509 on thingiverse.com for the stl-files and more information.
  9. T

    3D Printed POWERUP 3.0 Plane Weird Flight Characteristics (First Post)

    Hi. I'm new to the Flite Test forums but I've been in a few others before so I have some experience. This post is about a video I made on my YouTube channel here: I'd like to talk about some weird flight characteristics I experienced with this plane. When I first threw the plane it would...
  10. JGplanes

    Crosshairs board game - Download/3D printed

    As a kid I always remember my Dad and I making up crazy airplane games to play on the checkerboard bedspread with our die cast planes. I was recently looking for something similar that my kids and I could enjoy, and I ran across "Crosshairs" by Stephen Tavener. My kids really enjoyed playing it...
  11. SP0NZ

    Part SP0NZ Legacy Gear Mount 1.0

    SP0NZ FT Legacy Landing Gear Mount This landing gear mount is designed for the FT Legacy (Founders Plane). I'll add my default printer settings soon.
  12. SP0NZ

    Part SP0NZ MiG Exhaust 1.0

    SP0NZ MiG Exhaust Semi-scale accessory for the Flite Test MiG-3 foam board RC model airplane. Exhaust stacks are designed to be hot glued to both sides of the nose on the MiG-3. Purchase the Speed Build Kits on the Flite Test Store: https://store.flitetest.com/ft-mig-3/ Or, download the...
  13. SP0NZ

    Part SP0NZ Merlin Exhaust 1.0

    Merlin Exhaust by SP0NZ Semi-scale accessory for the Flite Test FT Mustang and FT Spitfire foam board RC model airplane. Exhaust stacks are designed to be hot glued to both sides of the nose on the Mustang and Spitfire. Purchase the Speed Build Kits on the Flite Test Store FT Mustang...
  14. SP0NZ

    Part SP0NZ STD Firewall 1.0

    SP0NZ STD Firewall This firewall is designed to work with the Flite Test swappable series power pods. Mounting holes are spaced specifically for the Flite Test Power Pack B and Power Pack C motors. Motor attachment is designed for self tapping screws included with these motors. I made the...
  15. SP0NZ

    Part SP0NZ STD Control Horn 1.0

    SP0NZ STD Control Horn This control horn is designed to work with most standard size Flite Test foam board RC model aircraft. The three push rod holes work with standard Flite Test push rods (.039) or can be drilled for use with E/Z connectors. I increased the thickness from the standard FT...
  16. JGplanes

    Blowing up a 3D Printed Cub... Literally!

    I've been working on a 3D printed Cub, but v1 had some issues which led to its quick demise. Not wanting to let a good failure go to waste, I took my childhood penchant for destroying model planes to a new level. ;) Check it out...
  17. M

    Help improve my crazy design

    I'm looking for some input, critique and suggestions on a design idea - The plane's target weight with a GoPro Hero 4, a 3S 3,000mAh battery and supporting electronics is under 45oz Construction will be a 3D printed frame of carbon fiber filled nylon - with two 7.5mm CF tubes through the...
  18. M

    Prototype: Foam Board/3D printed Trainer

    Introduction About a year and a half ago I designed my first RC aircraft. A smaller high wing with a 28 inch wingspan. It was built with the intention to be a slower flying and stable trainer capable of most acrobatics. That was easily constructed with a minimum of foam board and 3D printed...
  19. SP0NZ

    SP0NZ - 3D Models Index

    Feel free to follow me on Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/SP0NZ/about NAME DATE DOWNLOAD LINK FT FPV Split Cube 2017.12.15 FT FPV Split Cube FT Boar Gremlin Frame 2018.01.18 FT Boar Gremlin Frame FT Gremlin Frame by Andres Lu 2017.12.28 FT Gremlin Andres Lu FT Gremlin Frame by...
  20. M

    3D Printed EDF Jet Engine

    Hello, Me and my friend designed a EDF jet engine, wich we printed out using a 3D printer. After assembly and testing we came to a conclusion that it is working pretty well. So we decided to build a bigger one. Currently the jet turbine measures 12cm (4.73in) and it is 22cm (8.66in) long. The...