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XMAX-401 Quadcopter Flight


Aviation Geek
Hey Flitetest friends!

Here is my scratchbuilt quadcopter I call the "XMAX-401" or "The Pancake Quad"! Please tell me what you think and how I can improve it! Thanks! :)

I switched the triangular landing gears into foam noodle landing gears to get softer landing!


Szekey Endre

Junior Member
It needs a little bit of tweaking, such as a firmware upgrade to V1.6 on my KK2.0 and a bit of wire clean up, but all in all, I am quite proud of my very first scratchbuilt Quadcopter. If you guys have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to comment or message me!


Aviation Geek
Hey Roy Bro! Thanks for the kind words!

Since I only had a tile cutter lying around, that's what I used to cut it. I made relief cuts around the perimeter of the circle, then cut it all around with the tile cutter. Someday, I will buy the proper tools for cutting, but for now I'm gonna have to make use of what I have haha

Please check back soon, because I'm actually designing and building an FPV plane that can be used with FliteTest's Swappable Power Pods now!